Say No To The Use Of Sub Domains Of Your Website In SEO

Website which you see on the browser is like an iceberg. You only see the visible part of the website. However, there is a lot more underneath which supports the website to get visible to the audience. There are lots of things which provide the framework to the website in showing its presence on the internet. This includes site architecture, Meta tags, Schema markups, XML sitemaps and more. In addition to this, the web pages and the sub domains also play an important role in the success of SEO of the website.

Know what the sub domain is and why it should not be used?

Sub-domains are a division of the top domain of the website hence it is often considered as a separate part of the website. You can identify the sub domain of a website by seeing the URL on the top of the page. When you are on the sub domain of any website, you can see its URL is separated from the main URL through “.” or “/” which are called as period. One can easily create as many sub domains under the root domain. Too many sub domains on a website should be avoided because all the web browsers consider sub domains as a new website which waters down the effect of your online presence. This is the reason why digital marketers offering SEO for real estate websites avoid using sub domains.

An alternative for domain

When you want to expand your real estate website then instead of using the sub domains you should use the subfolders. It keeps your new content on the website within the root domain and hence makes it easier for the search engine to improve the ranking of your website. Newly added content will be considered as a part of the current or existing part of the website. It does more benefit to the SEO process and improves the rank of the website.