Things you should expect from Seedbox

Sometimes, out home connection or internet service provider will offer you a slow internet connection that can make it hard to download and upload torrents. In most cases, you should expect our Seedbox to run at least 10 times or 20 times faster than the home connection. The catch here is, the files are downloaded and stored in the server and if you want to move them to your pc, you will use your home connection speed. The server will handle seeding and torrents, which means your home connection is free form use unless you are transferring the files.  You can also access your torrents from anywhere as long as you have a web browser. This is a great benefit for people who do not work on one computer for too long. If you have a job, you can use the torrent at both computers just fine.

The uploading rate on your server is higher than when you are using your home connection. This will help you get a good ration on your tracker. When you are part of the private community, maintaining a perfect ratio is critical so you will not have to be kicked out for being a leech. With this server, you are guaranteed safety and security. The torrent is not directly connected to your machine whenever you use it. This makes your online activities safe from your internet service provider. When you have connected to multiple IP addresses when sharing a file, they will all be aware that you are sharing. Your Internet service provider will not throttle your server while you are downloading things online. Throttling protocols provided by the ISP may be too sensitive which will affect the network seeds. If you are using your home connection, this can be a major issue during downloads. This server should give you traffic – free time during transfers.